LeMay Car Museum Needs Your Help

   LeMay Car Museum is a very important place for me. I've been to this museum many times in my life and have done some photography for them in the past. They have held many events in the past. One I remember was the tuners show. This appealed to me as I'm a younger kid at 16, the types of cars that were there I enjoyed and loved. It was that event that ended up helping me land my first automotive photo shoot, so it means a lot to me.

Tuner Exhibit, Car circled was my first automotive photo shoot

   A recent event has occurred that I am sure you have heard about: the coronavirus or otherwise known as covid-19. This has caused issues for many people including the LeMay Car Museum. Places like LeMay are struggling right now in these times and I ask that you please help and do whatever you can to keep this amazing place going so more people can attend and make more great family memories.

   You can help whether you have money to donate or not. If you would like to donate please do so here (https://www.americascarmuseum.org/donate/everyday-giving/). Whatever you donate, companies like Boeing and Microsoft can match your donation, and if you donate over $50 you will receive a free membership to the museum which is awesome (I have one myself!).

   They also have an Amazon Smile link that you can use. If you shop on Amazon  please consider using Amazon Smile to help support ACM. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, you get the same prices as you would on Amazon.com and for every purchase you make, Amazon will donate a portion to the Museum. Shop now using AmazonSmile.

   If you are local to the state of Washington and have a car that you want some high quality pictures of than you can also help. I'm doing my part to help as well, I will be donating 20% of my profits I make through photography until May 30th to LeMay ACM. This is great way to help and get great photos at the same time.

    If you want to support me through my patreon, that is a great way to help. Patreon is a place to help creators by supporting them monthly. There are tiers to choose from, you can do a little or a lot and you get rewards in return for the amount that you support. To learn more click here.

   If you are currently in a situation where you can't donate, you can still help. Please share this article to as many people as you can. Get the word out, LeMay needs your help and we can help them but we need to spread the news. So do what you can. Share this article, donate, start shopping with their Amazon Smile link, plan a photo shoot with me, support me through Patreon, or buy a photo from my store.

Thank You!

If you would like to contact LeMay ACM, you can do so here.

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